About me

Blogger, writer, photographer

Are you addicted to culture, fashion photography and dark chocolate like me?  Ok, if you prefer milk chocolate or don’t like chocolate at all, it’s fine, we can live with it!

But – photography, culture and approach to life based on common sense, is exactly what you will find here.

Twirling Hair Blog is about finding time for constructive inactivity.  To have an open mind and sometimes question the obvious or let creative ideas come. To look at things from a distance, in your own way.

You will also find me on the WeLoveBrussels portal writing about art and culture in Brussels.

I present myself as a photographer and writer. I am also a mum, an official at the European Commission, and I serve my beloved cat faithfully.

Yes, I have to repeat, I am addicted to dark chocolate.

And one day I will continue to learn drums.