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Smile in a rear view mirror

Tomorrow, on the New Year, we will make plans for the future. Tradition will be fulfilled and New Year’s resolutions will be made.

Before pushing the gas and ambitious driving forward into the new year, I suggest to look in the rear view mirror with a smile.

Our memory tends to better remember negative things. Bad memories evoke more emotions and we analyse them more.

Prise the evolution for resourcefulness because we avoid mistakes!

However, it is sometimes worth looking into the rear view mirror and smile at our past. Refresh it and take luxury positive luggage on your journey to the future. I remember my daughter so happy having a waffle in the Old Town Square after site seeing Warsaw. Snoring of our cat, who fell asleep on an empty shelf in the closet and therefore could be heard throughout the house. Coffee on Monday morning with my colleagues at work. Visits of old friends and, therefore, some crazy weekends in Brussels. All the people I met, photo sessions, new colleagues – thanks to them I have gathered tons and tons of good energy. Even if some mistakes were made, let’s be glad that it’s behind us!

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