GREAT NEWS – “AMORTALITY” featured at the Broto Affinity conference!

Wonderful news and great success!

The 5th Dimension’s “Amortality” will be exhibited at the virtual Broto’s Affinity Conference!

Broto: Art-Climate-Science is an annual conference and online community of collaborating artists and scientists tackling aspects of climate change. It is produced by the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, based in Provincetown, Massachusets, US.

This work is part of the 5th Dimension Project, a collection of artistic installations of my dear friend Inga Falkowska and my fine-art photography.

“Amortality – Let’s experiment and live forever, maybe something will kill you sooner than eternity”

Amortality 5th Dimension Project Aleksandra Rowicka Inga Falkowska

This work links a dead root with a promise of chemical revival. It poses many questions related to bioengineering and environmental problems. One aspect is people’s fight with aging. How far are we able to go to prolong our lives? What are we willing to sacrifice for this? On the other hand, it also questions the quality of artificially achieved changes. One may think about many things, like ideas, projects, research, or policies, which are artificially kept alive despite a dying ecosystem.

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