5th Dimension Project – Authors

Aleksandra and Inga at the opening of the 5th Dimension Project Expo in Brussels

Inga Falkowska – Installations

Inga Falkowska is an interdisciplinary artist; she is a painter, poet, author of “5th Dimension” artistic installations.

In addition, she is a designer and creator of unique artistic jewelry.

Inga’s paintings were exhibited both in Belgium and abroad. Her most significant exhibitions include the one that took place in February 2017 at the Polish Embassy and one in April 2019 in the building of the European Parliament.

As a poet, she made her debut in the Polish newspaper Agora in 2012 with the poem “Sunshine, the Holy Sacrament”. Her poetry has appeared in several anthologies: “Train of our age”, “Tangled Paths”, “Clinic of Fear”.

She is a laureate of the Maria Konopnicka Organic Work Award for her contribution to the development and spread of Polish culture abroad. In 2019, she received a distinction and a statuette from the Bydgoszcz-Toruń Association of Polish Writers’ chapter.
For several years, she was strongly associated with an international organization in Antwerp, where she developed her artistic skills, collaborating with artists of various nationalities, including the Russian pianist and composer Olga Mentchik. This cooperation resulted in a joint verbal-musical program based on the texts of Inga Falkowska translated into Russian and Dutch.

Aleksandra Rowicka – Photography

Aleksandra Rowicka is a photographer, dedicated to artistic photography.

Aleksandra focuses on people, emotions, and also on impacts that humans have on the environment. She believes that photography is an objective medium, showing everything without judgment. Photography allows us to ask questions without providing obvious answers and without imposing one-sided interpretations.

The 5th Dimension Project explores a combination of photography and artistic installations. In her works, Aleksandra seeks to provide an additional point of view to a discussed topic.

Aleksandra is also passionate about street photography. Focused on people, everyday life and human emotions. Her works have been recently exhibited in Brussels.

Aleksandra cooperates with musicians, designers, painters, and makeup artists. Her works have been published in international magazines.

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