World Street Photography Year Book 2020


I am a photographer too, deeply passionate about street photography.

I have a habit to print photos – they will not disappear a second later, pushed down a feed of Facebook or Instagram, by all the other millions of images.

Therefore I crawl the media and pick up excellent photos which somehow haven’t got thousands of likes, but they deserved to be seen.

This is why I offer a possibility to get published in the World Street Photography Year Book 2020.

I would also like to receive spontaneous applications from talented photographers. Below you will find out how to submit your entry – two photos per approved application will be published for free, if you would like to have more, the price is minimal.

Interested? Keep scrolling!

World Street Photography Year Book get published for free


Send up to 10 photos for a review and acceptance. Send Dropbox link or any file sharing system to

Free print

Your first 2 photos will be printed for free. If more are accepted and you would like to include them in your editorial, the cost will be only 1,5 eur each.


Best photos will be featured on Instagram for free. We will select them from the submissions and also people who will tag @worldstreetphotography_yb


Street life and architecture only.

Provide credits, title and location.

We reserve a right to accept or deny a submission.

Black and White as well as color photos are accepted.

Please be correct, additional charges may apply for substantial changes or removal of images from printed content

World Street Photography is a Print on demand book.

We do send out digital tear-off sheets for free.

No free print copies will be provided.

Once an image is accepted to be published, it grants us the permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, videos, marketing pieces, advertisements,
and any other mediums or formats used in the creation, dissemination, and monetisation of the World Street Photography Year Book.

Everyone who submits an application takes responsibility for allowing the placement of photo materials, video and other products. This item is our substitution of the release for the rights of placement. In the case of raising disputes from third parties, the dialogue will be conducted only with the applicant’s side, since all responsibility for the materials transferred lies with him.

Submit your photos!

By sending your application you accept all the above terms and conditions.